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The secret ingredient to boost your NOTORIETY when your brand is not well known yet

Notoriety Matters!

Brand notoriety, also known as brand awareness, plays a critical role in the success of any business. Notoriety refers to the level of familiarity that customers and consumers have with your brand. It is a key element of building trust and loyalty. The higher the notoriety of your brand, the more likely consumers are to purchase your products. It is also much easier to convince retailers and distributors to list your products if they know your brand. 


Launching a product in a market with a brand that is not known (yet) is very challenging.

People indeed usually refrain from trying products they don’t know or haven’t heard of it.

So, what can you do to gain trust when your brand notoriety is low?


3 traditional ways to boost your notoriety

Here are 3 traditional techniques to build your brand notoriety and gain trust from your consumers and buyers.


Advertise everywhere

The classical approach to boost brand notoriety is through widespread advertising. 


Let us take the example of Deliveroo, a food delivery platform. Unknown only a few years ago, Deliveroo has effectively utilized this strategy by heavily advertising their services in various media and locations. They have leveraged social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook to showcase their food delivery services and special offers. In addition, they have invested massively in out-of-home advertising, such as billboards and transit ads, print and TV advertising. 


In just a few years they became a very well known brand across most cities in Europe, Asia and some Middle-East countries. According to Yougov, in the UK, 98% of the people know the Deliveroo brand after only a few years of existence.

Hire a brand ambassador

Another way to boost brand notoriety if your brand is not well known is to associate your brand with someone that your target audience knows. 


Take CASAMIGOS, a premium tequila brand. Launched in 2013, by high-profile celebrity George Clooney. Clooney has become the face of the brand, helping it to build trust and credibility with its audience. Of course, you can also work with less known brand ambassadors like local celebrities or popular bloggers.  The rule is simple, the more famous, the better, but usually then also the more expensive to hire.


In only 4 years’ time, CASAMIGOS became the leading American tequila brand and  

was sold in 2017 to Diageo for over 700M$


Partner with a well-known brand (co-branding / licensing)

If your brand notoriety is not very high, you could also associate with a brand that is already well-known by your audience. By associating with an established brand, you can reach their consumer/fan base and start building trust in your own brand. 

Some examples include Royal, a local dessert brand from Spain, which has partnered with 2 very well established global brands: Oreo and Milka.  

Goldfish, a brand of snack crackers in the US, collaborated with Star Wars (Disney / Lucasfilm), a globally recognized movie franchise, through a licensing agreement to create co-branded packaging and crackers that feature Star Wars-themed designs or characters.



Our secret ingredient: associate your brand with a well-known label; The Superior Taste Award

If you’re brand is not well-known yet, and if George Clooney isn’t available or if you do not have the marketing budgets to go wild on advertisements nor to partner with global brands, but have delicious products, the Superior Taste Award can help you gain new consumer and buyer’s trust.

Widely known and respected in many parts of the world, the Superior Taste Award brand can be associated to your products in the same way Gold Fish associated with Star Wars or Royal associated with Oreo.


OK, the Superior Taste Award brand is not quite as famous as Oreo or Darth Vader but in many countries across Europe, Asia, Latin America and Middle East, the notoriety of this award is very high, especially within the Food Industry. And as we’ve seen, people prefer to buy products they know or that are associated with brands or people they know…

Many awarded companies have reported that amongst other benefits, that obtaining the award helped them:

-Get a foot in the door at new retailers or distributors who didn’t know their brand.

-Increase the trial rate of their products with new consumers.

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