10K Facebook and Instagram interactions...

We are using the Superior Taste Award to communicate about our high-quality products in our social media and during the main national retailers meetings.

- Sarah Scagnetto, Communications Manager


Délifrance Italia, manufacturer of frozen bakery products, proposes a wide range of references of viennoiserie, bread, pastry and savory snacks, with a particular attention to Italian tastes.

To communicate about the taste of its products, Délifrance searched for a way of generating credible content to communicate about the quality of its products.


3 different Délifrance products have been awarded with the 2019 Superior Taste Award. The awards have been used in Délifrance's impactful social media campaigns and in communications with retailers during specific meetings and show cookings.


The use of the Award and the related taste content generated more than 10K Facebook and Instagram interactions.

As a consequence, there was an improvement of all major brand health indicators including “brand awareness”.

Simone Ievoli

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