+1000% over 3 years...

The Superior Taste Award results helped us to promote the uniqueness of our new ingredient to end-product producers.

- Mrs. Angeliki Petrou, Owner


Petrou Nuts is a family company producing Hazelnuts in Greece. Historically, they are selling their products in bulk to confectionary industries (B2B). They wanted to have an external validation to confirm the good quality of their new product: caramelized hazelnuts.


Petrou Nuts caramelized hazelnuts received their first Superior Taste Award certification in 2016. The product scored high on all sensory criteria and the comments from the experts where very positive. They continued participating with the same product every year and kept on receiving high scores.


The Superior Taste Award Certification helped Petrou Nuts communicate the uniqueness and the high quality of their product, justifying its high price. As a result, the sales volume increased by 1000% over 3 years.

George Papantonopoulos

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