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A tasty way to get your success recognized

External recognition matters!

Achieving success requires hard work, focus, and perseverance. Recognizing publicly this dedication is not a matter of vanity or ego; it plays a fundamental role in personal and professional development, confirming that the time and energy invested were worthwhile and providing encouragement for the future efforts.

Recognition is a powerful motivator. When we are acknowledged for our accomplishments, our self-esteem and confidence are boosted. This, in turn, inspires us to strive for even greater achievements. Knowing that our efforts are valued can ignite the drive to excel. In professional settings, recognition often translates into career advancement opportunities. 

Recognizing a team's success reinforces a sense of unity and belonging among its members. It boosts team morale, leading to increased trust and cooperation. A team that feels appreciated is more likely to work cohesively on future projects.

So what can you do to get your own efforts or your team’s achievements recognized? 


How to get your success recognized? 

A classical way to get external recognition for one's successes is to apply for an award.

An award is a form of recognition or honor that is typically bestowed upon an individual or organization to acknowledge their outstanding achievements, contributions, or excellence in a particular field. Awards come in various shapes and forms. They can be either local or global in scope, depending on the nature of the award, the organization or institution presenting it, and the impact or reach of the achievements.


Some examples of awards recognizing individual and company efforts:



A tasty way to get external recognition for your success: the Superior Taste Award

If you don’t have the time to go through lengthy application processes that most awards require, but if your company has developed or is commercializing delicious products, the Superior Taste Award can be a great way to have your success recognized.


Obtaining the Superior Taste Award is to a Food &Beverage product what a Michelin star is to a restaurant. Having your products awarded by some of the world’s best palates in the world is a great achievement you and your team can be proud of!

Many awarded companies have reported that obtaining the Superior Taste Award has contributed to stronger employee engagement and that award related Social-media posts, whether from the company’s page or from personal employees’ accounts, are amongst those generating most positive interactions.


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